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Do you own a home or are you currently renting?

Are you behind on either your mortgage or rent payment?

Do you have credit card bills?

Are you behind on your credit card bills?

Have you or anyone in your household experienced a medical condition that has resulted in unpaid medical bills?

Are you past due on any state or federal taxes?

Are you currently behind on your car payment?

Why are you considering bankruptcy as an option?

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are facing a possible foreclosure on your home or repossession of your car, you can protect these assets through bankruptcy. If you are in this situation, we invite you to consult with the Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney at our firm as soon as possible to discuss your options. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients solve their financial problems by filing for bankruptcy. Our New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you.

Filing bankruptcy puts an immediate stop on the actions of your creditors through an automatic stay imposed by the court.  This stops proceedings such as foreclosures and automobile repossession actions. Many individuals who file for bankruptcy are able to keep their homes and cars, as well as all of their possessions.

If you have assets that have cash value above the allowed exemptions in Pennsylvania, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a reorganization plan may be your best option. This allows you to set up a 3 to 5 year plan where your assets are protected by the bankruptcy court while you repay your debts through a repayment plan submitted and approved by the court.

Do you need help protecting your assets? Contact the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer at our firm for legal solutions today!